Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Shooting stick with embossing initials KK.

I was walking with a cane at Classic car meeting "Vetro Montagna".
Mr. Inoue saw my cane, kindly sent me a British antique 
seat stick.
I really liked it, and every day I have used it for walk with my dog Pepe.
Mt. Fuji to watch while enjoying a cigaris my best time.
And now, Mr.Inoue gave me the old cane is polished to restore like new.

Seat Stick is called Shooting Stick or Seat Cane usually.
Originally, to the base of the gun when hunting

and it is used seat that was used while waiting for their prey.
Also used not only huntingit will be used golf and watching horse racing.

I felt interested in the seat canehad examined the type and its history,
I found a shop in the UK that will put the initials on the leather seat.
Leather are wound like the grip may not be cold for cold day.
The weight of this stick is 800~1000 grams.
The correct length of the cane is the length of 3cm plus half the height.
There is also an adjustable length type, but there was best length for me.

Another one, I want to have this cane-filled initials.
and I ordered it the carved initials KK gold in the UK shop.
A few days later, it was delivered from England.

Double-breasted cashmere overcoat, scarf wrapped around and this cane.
It is old-fashioned, but I will walk with Pepe in wearing this.
Would be fun tramping frigid 10 degrees below zero.

Example of the use of shooting seat

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