Thursday, 6 December 2012

Contemporary Art by Mr. Sakuma "Sadness of disappear"

Mr. Sakuma is an excellent car mechanic.
But, he would have succeeded if aspiring to artist.
I admire look at the photo report of my XK120 repair process.
In cheap camera, he simply pressing the shutter automatically.
But, composition and contrast that he will catch the unconsciously,

It is just instinct of the artist.
He had unwittingly arranged parts is perfect like the layout 

has been calculated. It is really beautiful.
"Sadness of disappear" into his art are represented.

Always, I have enjoyed his contemporary art.

The photoleft front wheel cylinder broken at classic car meeting.
I was distracted by the 
engine performance and steered drivability, 
Had not only to check the thickness of the drum brake shoes.
I had forgotten the importance of the brake.
It's because it was too familiar to modern cars.
Now, I am full of shame.
Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, hoses & pipesbrake shoe.
Brake system has been overhauled all perfectly.

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