Friday, 7 September 2012

Elegance than the rear view

Rearview mirror is very tall for a small rear window.
Behind is hard to see, but I like the Art Deco-shape.

Since the old days there was little car,
There was no need to run, such as be aware of the car behind.
Designers had not considered such as to secure the rear view of the car.
Only, they have tradition-minded the carriage horse.
There was enough time and space to spare, unlike today.
A splendid carriage used by the nobles to protect their privacy
Rear window has been fine carriages and the smaller,
People were imitating feel that it's elegance.

The XK120 was designed in the 1940s,
There are still vestiges of the carriage horse age to still everywhere.
The plate of the wood floor being used,
A small 
rear window with the canopy would like carriage.

Jaguar at the timeand did not get recognized thoroughbred.
When trying to promote and sell luxury image is produced,
Imitated aristocratic carriage
Might have been attached to such a small window.


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